Nasa daily picture for June 18: Another Day at the Office

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Ricky Arnold

"Space was our office yesterday. #EVA51," said International Space Station astronaut Ricky Arnold on Friday, the day after his latest spacewalk during which he upgraded cameras on the orbital platform.

Arnold and Station Commander Drew Feustel completed the sixth spacewalk at the station this year, which lasted lasting 6 hours, 49 minutes. The two astronauts installed new high-definition cameras that will provide enhanced views during the final phase of approach and docking of the SpaceX Crew Dragon and Boeing Starliner commercial crew spacecraft that will soon begin launching from American soil.

They also swapped a camera assembly on the starboard truss of the station, closed an aperture door on an external environmental imaging experiment outside the Japanese Kibo module, and completed two additional tasks to relocate a grapple bar to aid future spacewalkers and secured some gear associated with a spare cooling unit housed on the station’s truss.

Image Credit: NASA



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