Nasa daily picture for June 27: Earth's Limb, Pacific Ocean and the Space Station's Kibo Laboratory

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Earth's limb with space station segment at left of frame

The Earth's limb and the Pacific Ocean contrast segments of the International Space Station's Kibo laboratory module built by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in this June 23, 2018 image. At right is a portion of the Experiment Logistics Module, Pressurized Section (ELM-PS) which is the Kibo lab's storage facility. Next to the ELM-PS is Kibo's 10-meter-long robotic arm, or Remote Manipulator System, which is attached to the lab module's core component, the Pressurized Module.

Kibo was launched in segments to the station on two space shuttle missions in March and May of 2008 and a third shuttle mission in July 2009.

Image Credit: NASA



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