Nasa daily picture for September 27: Astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria Works on Constructing the International Space Station

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Astronaut in spacesuit on spacewalk

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we're celebrating the contributions of the brilliant Hispanic women and men of NASA.

In this Feb. 8, 2007 photo, astronaut Michael E. Lopez-Alegria, Expedition 14 commander and NASA space station science officer, participates in a 6-hour, 40-minute spacewalk as construction continues on the International Space Station. During his NASA career, Lopez-Alegria flew on the STS-73, STS-92 and STS-113 space shuttle missions, and spent seven months on the space station as commander of Expedition 14. He logged more than 257 days in space and performed 10 spacewalks totaling 67 hours and 40 minutes.

Image Credit: NASA



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