Educational CubeSats to Launch on Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne Rocket - Nasa daily picture for December 14 (2020)

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Virgin Orbit teammates complete a dry run of payload encapsulation ahead of their Launch Demo 2 mission.

Ten NASA-sponsored CubeSats are preparing to fly on the agency’s next Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) mission, making this the first payload carried by Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne rocket.

With the small satellites safely secured inside the payload fairing, and the fairing mated to the rocket, Virgin Orbit is gearing up for ELaNa 20, the Dec.19, 2020, Launch Demo 2 flight from the Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

In this image, Virgin Orbit teammates complete a dry run of the payload encapsulation process in Aug. 2020 inside their "Nebula" payload processing facility.

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Image Credit: Virgin Orbit/Greg Robinson


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