Apurva Varia: Studying the Heat of Our Sun - Nasa daily picture for September 08 (2021)

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Apurva Varia

Apurva Varia joined the Goddard Space Flight Center in 2002 as a propulsion engineer. For 13 years, he analyzed, designed, and tested the propulsion systems for spacecraft, including the Solar Dynamics Observatory, Magnetospheric Multiscale, and Deep Space Climate Observatory

He was the first deaf engineer to monitor and analyze the telemetry from a propulsion system inside an uncrewed spacecraft in a NASA Mission Operation Center. In 2016, he became a mission director for three spacecraft including the Parker Solar Probe, which launched on a journey to study our Sun in 2018.

Learn more about Apurva Varia's career at NASA.


Image Credit: Bill Hrybyk

Source: www.nasa.gov


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