Baffin Bay, Greenland: A Historical Perspective - Nasa daily picture for September 20 (2021)

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Baffin Bay

Acquired by the Landsat 7 satellite more than 20 years ago on Sept. 3, 2000, this image is of Greenland's western coast and the small field of glaciers that surrounds Baffin Bay. This is a false-color composite image made using near-infrared, red, and blue wavelengths.

NASA continues to monitor the planet we call home. Landsat 9, the latest in the series of Landsat Earth-monitoring satellites, is a partnership between NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey that will continue the program’s critical role in monitoring, understanding, and managing the land resources needed to sustain human life. The mission is slated to launch later in 2021.

Image Credit: U.S. Geological Survey EROS Data Center Satellite Systems Branch



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