Remembering Visionary Heliophysicist Eugene Parker - Nasa daily picture for March 16 (2022)

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Parker Solar Probe in APL clean room

Dr. Eugene N. Parker, visionary of heliophysics and namesake of NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, has passed away. He was 94.

As a young professor at the University of Chicago in the mid-1950s, Parker developed a mathematical theory that predicted the solar wind, the constant outflow of solar material from the Sun. Throughout his career, Parker revolutionized the field time and again, advancing ideas that addressed the fundamental questions about the workings of our Sun and stars throughout the universe.

In this image, Parker(center)visited the spacecraft that bears his name, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, on Oct. 3, 2017. Engineers in the clean room at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, where the probe was designed and built point out the instruments that will collect data as the mission travels directly through the Sun’s atmosphere.

Image Credit: NASA/JHUAPL



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