Public Affairs Specialist Tyrone McCoy - Nasa daily picture for June 27 (2022)

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Tyrone McCoy wears a crisp blue suit, light blue button up shirt, and orange and blue paisley tie, looking off into the distance to his right. There's a heroic feel to the captured moment, and the rims of his clear glasses reflect the blues in the scene.

"A piece of my story that I think needs to get told is that broken crayons still color.

"So often we hear that there's this cycle of hurt, and hurt people hurt people, and if you came from something, you have to be a product of your environment. 

"I do feel like, in a lot of ways, we are, whether you want to be or not. The people that raise you give you a bag, and they put things in it, and you carry those things with you, good or bad, for the rest of your life. But just because my dad struggled with addiction and just because my mom wasn't always there didn't mean that I had to be either of those things. 

"I didn't have an example, a great example, of what love looked like all the time, but I did, right? I didn't have the Cosbys, but I had exactly what I needed to be who I needed to be. I think that part of my story is what I'd like to tell more of. 

"Yeah, I came from brokenness, but I'm not broken."

– Tyrone McCoy, Public Affairs Specialist, NASA Headquarters

Image Credit: NASA / Bill Ingalls  
Interviewer: NASA / Tahira Allen

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