Artemis I Moonikin Campos Inspection and Install - Nasa daily picture for August 11 (2022)

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Moonikin Campos, a manikin or anatomical model that simulates the human body, lies on its back. Its head and torso are visible in the picture. It wears an orange jumpsuit and a helmet that has an opaque black visor.

Moonikin Campos, named after Arturo Campos, will be on Artemis I, an uncrewed test flight of the Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System rocket as an integrated system ahead of crewed flights to the Moon. Moonikin Campos, along with two phantom manikins, Helga and Zohar, will allow us to measure radiation, acceleration, and vibration data throughout the mission; the information gathered from these human body replicas will inform future crewed missions.

Image Credit: NASA/Ben Smegelsky



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