NASA TV Executive Producer Rebecca Sirmons - Nasa daily picture for June 05 (2023)

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A woman with dark, long brown, wavy hair looks into the distance with a soft smile on her face. She's wearing a black blazer and the collar of her white button down shirt sticks out the top. A tree and greenery is blurred in the background.

"'NASA for all.' That's something that I think is really important because we are the universe, right? We are made of star stuff, and I think now more than ever, we all need to remember that we're part of a greater purpose. We're all made of stars, even the people we might not agree with. And we get to tell that story at NASA. That, to me, is something I think should be front and center with our storytelling.

"That's why I'm incredibly passionate about how people can find [our content]. Because we could help bring people together, we can do that. We're actually the only people technically right now that can do that. It's like when you get down to it, look up. Every single person, we can all look up.”

– Rebecca Sirmons, NASA TV Executive Producer, NASA Headquarters

Image Credit: NASA / Aubrey Gemignani
Interviewer: NASA / Tahira Allen

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