Three Cheers for NASA Orion Crew Modules for Future Artemis Missions - Nasa daily picture for July 14 (2023)

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The Orion spacecraft for NASA’s crewed Artemis II, Artemis III, and Artemis IV missions at NASA's Kennedy Space Center

The Orion spacecraft for NASA’s crewed Artemis II (right), Artemis III (left) and Artemis IV (center) missions are stationed next to each other inside the high bay of the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on June 22, 2023. Each capsule is in a different stage of production as technicians and engineers prepare the spacecraft to carry astronauts to and around the Moon on their upcoming flights.

Technicians recently installed the heat shield on the Artemis II crew module, and teams are preparing to conduct acoustic testing later this summer. Once complete, the crew module will be joined with its service module in preparation to fly four astronauts around the Moon.

The Artemis III crew module, which will carry the next astronauts to step foot on the lunar surface from Earth to their human landing system and return them home, was removed from the clean room inside the high bay to complete a series of pressure and leak tests. The Artemis IV crew module arrived at the spaceport in February and is in the early stages of the assembly process.

Image credit: NASA/Marie Reed



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