Frank Rubio Breaks NASA’s Single Spaceflight Record - Nasa daily picture for September 12 (2023)

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Expedition 69 Flight Engineer Frank Rubio completes a Surface Avatar session in the Columbus Laboratory Module.

In this image from July 24, 2023, astronaut Frank Rubio completes a session on the Surface Avatar Remote Control Terminal, which investigates how haptic controls, user interfaces, and virtual reality could command and control surface-bound robots from long distances. While aboard the International Space Station, Rubio has worked on several experiments involving robotics, space physics, and biology, and he participated in three spacewalks.

On Sept. 11, 2023, Rubio surpassed NASA’s single spaceflight record of 355 continuous days in space made by astronaut Mark Vande Hei on March 30, 2022. NASA TV broadcast a prerecorded space-to-ground conversation Vande Hei had with Rubio on Sept. 5, when he congratulated the orbiting astronaut for his record-breaking mission. Rubio is set to return to Earth on Sept. 27, when he will have spent 371 days in space.

Image Credit: NASA/Warren Hoburg



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